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Cartaz FIMP VII 2022


The VII Plectrum International Music Festival “Gondomar é D’Ouro” is taking place in Gondomar from the 5th of October and includes shows until the 11th of December. The musical intro that provided the necessary musical framework and set the tone for the genesis of the initiative had as protagonists the Portuguese Guitar and Mandolin Orchestra, to which were added the voices of the well-known sopranos Regina Freire and Marina Pacheco. OPGBAC – Associação Cultural de Plectro, based in Rio Tinto, is the promoter and organizer of the festival and counts on the support of the Municipality of Gondomar, a partnership that aims to bring the melodic endeavor to a successful conclusion.

Before moving on to the program that will animate the two weekends (November 19th and 20th and December 10th and 11th) until the end, it is important to point out a curiosity alluding to the event and its name. The term 'Plectro' enshrines the meaning of something like an ivory, plastic, bone or tortoiseshell blade, through which vibrations are produced in the strings of certain musical instruments, which by popular means is in some cases commonly referred to as a plectrum . 

With the explanations done, 'because those who have fingernails play the guitar (and other stringed instruments)', as the old adage goes, the programmatic contents gain prominence with the Orquestra Ciudad de La Mancha (Orquesta Ciudad de La Mancha/Orquestra de Plectro Y Guitarras), one of the most accredited groups in this musical segment in all of Spain, whose presentation will take place at the Auditorio Musical de Gondomar on November 19, Saturday, at 6 pm, the collective will be directed by the artistic leader of that structure Fernando Bustamante ( 

On the 20th of November, Sunday, it will be the turn of Noa Noa Ensemble, a project that resulted from the creative germ of the Arte das Musas association (which, in addition to music, is dedicated to a multitude of artistic languages ​​( which expands from Idanha-a-Nova through early music concerts. It is an inviting topic with the seal of approval of Filipe Faria & Tiago Matias and which can be seen through a recital scheduled for 17:00, at the Igreja Matriz of Rio Tinto. 

In December, the month that summons the Christmas spirit and, therefore, makes the musical ambience even more imperative, it will be the turn of the Duo Abad-Sanz to perform at the unique space Lugar do Desenho – Fundação Júlio Resende ( The concert will take place on the 10th, Saturday, at 21:30.

No dia seguinte, 11 de dezembro, domingo, pelas 18h00, terá lugar na Casa Branca de Gramido a apresentação do formação italiana Quinteto Giuseppe Anedda. Uma sugestão a preceito, com virtudes de musicoterapia para curar a tradicional depressão pré-segunda-feira através de um tónico harmonioso que vai, positivamente, ‘encostar toda a gente às cordas’. Para saber mais sobre o músico e os seus projectos, é só clicar em

All concerts are free. 

To find out more about the association, as well as the festival, just access and